about ILMF
The Flaum Souksamlane In Loving Memory Foundation™ (ILMF) is a national non-profit organization created in 2001 “in loving memory” of Barbara and Milton Flaum, our founder’s parents.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist children who have had one or both parent's die with emotional, social and often financial strain of grieving a parent’s death through educational materials, scholarships and grants. We are here because when a child's parent or parents die, their entire world and sense of security, identity and vocabulary are forever changed, instantly and dramatically. [LEARN MORE]



How does ILMF help?

Our Outreach Program
Literature, Videos and various materials are created and provided to help children and surviving adults with the grieving process. Such literature and other tools provide options regarding methods of communication and interaction to assist in healthy processing of the situation. Our literature is available through this website, at schools, community centers, hospitals, funeral homes, life insurance agent’s offices, counselor and doctor’s offices, libraries, etc. All our materials are produced as a joint effort with experts in child psychology and by adults who had their parents die when they were children. [LEARN MORE]

Our Scholarship Program
Scholarship Funds for children orphaned due to the death of both parents, with no funds left for them to attend college. [LEARN MORE]

Our Grant Program
Grant Program to provide seed money to start children’s bereavement centers throughout the country. Such bereavement centers are places where children are with other children having the same experience so they know they are not alone and where group counseling occurs for the children to process this life altering experience. [LEARN MORE]

We are here because…
1 in 7 children will have a mother, father or sibling die before age 10


Thoughts from children who have been there…

“It’s like that perfect, unconditional love is gone forever. I’ll never ever hear, see, hug, kiss or talk to them ever again. They are gone forever, living only in my heart and memories.” – our founder

“I don’t think they’re [adults] really thinking of what the child is going through. And I don’t think it’s intentional. They’re not really thinking…they don’t understand from a child’s perspective.” - our founder

Barbara (1940-1983) and Milton “Mickey” (1938–1973) Flaum
Founder’s Mother and Father