The Flaum Souksamlane In Loving Memory Foundation (ILMF) is a National Non-profit Organization committed to the well being of children under the age of eighteen, who have experienced the death of one or both of their parents.         

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our inspiration
Imagine what you would want for your child, in the event of your death or the death of your spouse. In Loving Memory Foundation is inspired by the wish for your child to be embraced and cared for, to allow for a healthy, positive and secure future.

  our theme
"So Your Love Lives On", represents the foundation's goal to help children by making available to children, surviving parents and caregivers the resources, materials and opportunities to make the transition to a new life with out their mother, father or both parents, for all concerned, as smooth and secure, as possible.

ILMF Events

So Your Love Lives On
A parent's love not only lives on in the heart of a child,
but through a community which embraces and helps the child in need.


In Loving Memory Foundation's efforts include:
ILMF is here to help children through the loss and grief of the death of a parent or parents.
To help the child live on to lead a positive, healthy, productive life.
Thoughts from children who have been there…

“I was unsure what to say to my nephew after his mother lost her battle with cancer ... having read the ILMF pamphlet I understood the power of an adult's words to a child during this difficult time. What we say must be directed to the child’s perception of what has happened - not ours! I am thankful for the exposure to this information.” -Allen Sweric, San Antonio, TX [PRINTABLE PDF FILE] (9.9MB) [REQUEST HARD COPIES]

As we celebrate Mother's & Father's day, isn't it a wonderful time to honor your mom and dad with a tax-deductible contribution to ILMF? Doing so will make a positive difference for so many children whose parents have died.