ILMF mission
In Loving Memory Foundation (ILMF) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children who have had their mother and or father die. ILMF makes a difference by facilitating an understanding of a child’s grieving process so that members of the community and surviving family can communicate with them in a manner that is helpful, healthy and empowering; a difference that provides grants to organizations with a mission to children through the grieving process of a parent and a difference that assists financially limited, but worthy students by providing scholarships to children who were orphaned due to the death of their parents and do not have the financial means to attend an accredited institution of higher learning.

We are here because:
One out of seven children in America will lose a mother, father or sibling by age ten. And children who have lost one or both of their parents suffer enormous emotional and frequently financial loss. Their options are limited and their future is put into doubt.
We are here because, when a child's parent(s) die, they suddenly enter a place where...
  • “Mom and Dad” are no longer part of one’s daily vocabulary.
  • Events are always a little empty because mom or dad can’t be there. Ever.
  • Finding death certificates of your parents to qualify for college financial aid is required
  • Becoming a permanent guest in someone else’s home, until reaching legal age
  • Visiting your mother or father, means a trip to the cemetery and talking to them is only in your dreams
  • Friends, family and strangers suddenly are uneasy around you and say things that are unintentionally hurtful
  • You long to hear your father’s voice again, see his face and hug him one last time; wonder who you will kiss goodnight, call out for when you are sick or share that you just got an A on your final or a first date with a long lost crush… who will care about me ever again, just because I’m me.
...this is why the In Loving Memory Foundation is here.

In Loving Memory Foundation… So your love lives on